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The Action Plan

An operational document that outlines the priority conservation actions required per red colobus taxa as well as range-wide initiatives aimed at improving the status of all 18 taxa across its range in the next five years and beyond.

The Red Colobus Conservation Action Plan (ReCAP) formed with the aim that individual efforts would be most effective if they were integrated into a holistic, continent-wide strategy that was both systematic and prioritized, and therefore able to achieve efficiencies of scale.

ReCAP is a collaborative effort under the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group and the African Primatological Society, encompassing experts on all red colobus taxa and their range countries working together to leverage their collective expertise and influence to stop the decline and extinction of red colobus monkeys.

ReCAP Goal

​The goal of this plan is to unite and mobilize local and international conservation groups, governments, communities, academic institutions, zoos and wildlife centers, and other interested parties to prevent red colobus extinctions and protect the most viable populations of each taxon.  

ReCAP Objectives

  1. Enhance and expand site-based conservation for all 18 taxa of red colobus monkey

    • Develop locally applicable solutions to hunting and forest loss, leveraging strategic partnerships​

  2. Elevate red colobus monkeys to flagship status across their range and beyond

    • Improve local, national, and international understanding and awareness of red colobus monkey

  3. Develop cross-cutting, continent-wide initiatives to link and support site-based activities

    • Development, implementation, and support of standardized monitoring & protection protocols

    • Create a range-wide red colobus genomic database to address issues of taxonomy, habitat fragmentation, bushmeat tracking, and demography

    • Develop the ReCAP Initiative to oversee administration, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of ReCAP funds and activities

  4. Build capacity and create opportunities through training and mentoring programs

    • Provide sustained capacity building support to African professionals committed to red colobus conservation

ReCAP Range-wide Conservation Priorities 

  1. Increase government investment in conservation of red colobus and their habitats 

  2. Determine taxon-specific distribution, abundance, and population size and demographic structure 

  3. Improve and establish government-managed and community-based conservation areas 

  4. Engage with local human communities and integrate them into red colobus conservation 

  5. Identify and remove barriers that prevent local access to human healthcare and family planning

  6. Raise local, national, and global awareness of red colobus monkeys and their habitats 

ReCAP Budget and Recommendations by Taxon 



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