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The Red Colobus Conservation Network is a coordinated conservation community of volunteer individuals, institutions, and organisations dedicated to improving the conservation status of the Red Colobus monkeys and working collectively to achieve the vision of raising these highly endangered primates to a Flagship species. 


Our Vision

We envision the range-wide improved conservation status of all red colobus species in the near future. 

"Red colobus monkeys are the most threatened group of primates in Africa. Intense hunting pressure and habitat disturbance are rapidly reducing their populations across the continent, and they are unable to survive in captivity. Comprehensive and informed conservation actions, like ReCAP, are urgently needed to avoid their impending extinction."

Inza Koné, PhD

President, African Primatological Society

Our Mission

Red colobus Conservation Action Plan (ReCAP)

Successful implementation of the Red Colobus Conservation Action Plan


Increase awareness on red colobus among African and International conservationists


Enhance the red colobus status to a flagship for forested Africa


Provide global visibility for African leadership on red colobus conservation

2019 APS Conference Entebbe Uganda  090519 WRK 0093 low res

Provide a powerful motivator: space for sharing passions and challenges


Empower young Africans: mentorship of experienced international conservation leaders

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