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I am the Associate Curator of International Conservation at the North Carolina Zoo, where I support the Zoo’s mission to protect wildlife and wild places primarily through support of its conservation projects implementing SMART conservation software across Africa.

More broadly, I have experience in the administration of global partnerships and the organization and implementation of research and conservation projects. With an emphasis on primates, central Africa, and technology, my work has primarily focused on law enforcement monitoring, the drivers and dynamics of bushmeat hunting, quantifying the impact of human activities on wildlife, and leveraging research and technology to more effectively conserve biodiversity. I am also a member of the IUCN-SSC Primate Specialist Group, Africa Section and the Red Colobus Working Group.

With red colobus, I work most closely with Pennant’s red colobus - a Critically Endangered species that is endemic to Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea that has been repeatedly considered one of the “World’s 25 most endangered primates”. My work has focused on providing current data on its abundance and updating the extent of its range. Results suggest it has been extirpated from the eastern extent of its range, increasing the need to conserve its remaining population.

Myself and colleagues in the IUCN Primate Specialist Group, in collaboration with the African Primatological Society, are also coauthors of the ReCAP, the first comprehensive action plan for red colobus.

Drew Cronin
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