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Cameroon Primatological Society (CPS) management bodies

1. General Assembly Committee

- Honorary president : Prof Matthias Waltert

- President: Prof Bobo Kadiri Serge

- Vice-president: Dr. Sylvie Fonkwo Nguedem

- General Assembly : Ms Florence Aghomo

- Treasurer: Mr Tougoulou John Gounes

- Auditor: Mr Fotang Chefor

- Technical advisor N°1: Dr. Usongo Léonard

- Technical advisor N°2: Dr. Nzooh Dongmo Zacharie

2. Executive Committee

- Coordinator: Dr. Kamgamg Serge

- Project manager N°1: Dr. Mvo Denis Chuo

- Project manager N°2: Ing Ngouh Amadou

- Financial officer: Dr. Tedonzong Luc

- Communication manager: Ing Jerry Atontsa

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