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$5000 funding obtained to grow this Network

A grant of $5,000 has been awarded to the Red Colobus Conservation Network (RCCN) in support of the project “Coordinating range-wide conservation actions to save red colobus monkeys Piliocolobus spp. in Africa” that aims at ensuring a coordinated management of the RCCN as a prerequisite for initiating the implementation of the 2019 – 2024 Red Colobus Conservation Action Plan (ReCAP).

The project will specifically support growth of the RCCN, information dissemination and fundraising opportunities for red colobus conservation, and  ensure a dedicated and efficient coordination of the RCCN and initiate red colobus conservation actions.

This award is made possible by our partners: Global Wildlife Conservation’s Primate Action Fund and the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation.

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